Food Safety


As the club prepares and serves food to the public, it is covered by food safety regulations and needs to demonstrate that it has appropriate policies and practices in its kitchen. The club received Grade 4 after its latest Food Hygiene Inspection (May 2014).

Note that it is advisable to prepare any food to be consumed at the club in the club kitchen, as it has passed the inspection, )whereas our homes have not).

General Guidelines

Anyone handling/preparing food to be served at the club must be aware of and follow these guidelines.

  • Please do opening and closing checks (displayed on wall) and complete Safer Food Better Business diary (black book) to be found on the worktop.
  • Hands must be washed in the hand washing sink and dried well before touching any food (see instructions on wall).
  • Clean all worktops before and after use with antibacterial spray and a single use cloth and dry with a disposable paper towel.
  • Any tea towels used should be taken home and washed on a hot wash before returning.
  • Wear a disposable apron (in drawer) when preparing food.
  • Any food being reheated should be piping hot before serving (75°C). You are advised to use the temperature probe.
  • Any food not consumed on the day should be taken home and NOT left in the fridge.
  • Bins with food rubbish in should be removed to outside bin.
  • When barbequing, separate tongs/implements should be used for raw and cooked meat and a temperature probe should be used to check the temperature of some of the meat. An apron should be worn (in kitchen drawer). Move cooked meat over to the right and put raw meat on from the left.
  • Please refer to the Safer Food Better Business file for more detailed guidelines (to be kept in the kitchen cupboard).
  • Sauces must be kept in the fridge
  • Chopping boards are colour coded and the right board must always be used.

Dishwasher Guidelines

  • Please empty the dishwasher if it is full of clean dishes.
  • Do not  leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher – make sure it is switched on before leaving.
  • If there are insufficient dishes to fill the dishwasher, then they should be washed by hand.

Opening & Closing Checks

It is essential that all volunteers who serve food from the kitchen, do certain checks. This will help PLTC serve food safely

Opening Checks

  • The fridges and freezers are working properly. Check the thermometer in the fridge is around 5 C).
  • The oven is working properly and the extractor filter is clean.
  • Volunteers are fit for work and are wearing clean clothing, including an apron.
  • Food preparation areas are clean (work surfaces, equipment, utensils, sink etc).
  • There are plenty of hand washing and cleaning materials (soap, paper towels, cloths, washing up liquid, dish washer tablets etc)

 Closing Checks

  • No food is left out.
  • Food past its ‘use by’ date is thrown away.
  • Dirty cloths/tea towels are removed for cleaning and replaced with clean ones.
  • Waste has been removed and new bags put in bins.
  • Take home or dispose of any food left over.
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