Winter Box League

Update: 1 December 2013

Click the link below to view the box leagues – 


There will be a 2 month period in which to play all your matches. The first period ends on 31st January 2014. Please contact the other players in your box to arrange matches. If you require contact details for anybody in your box please contact Gavin Seymour or Rob Cunningham.


Each match is best of 3 sets, tie break at 6 all in the first 2 sets. If the match reaches one set all then a championship tie-break (first to 10 points) will decide the match.

Once you have played a match please e-mail or text Gavin with the result in order for the league to be updated. At the end of the period the top player in each box will be promoted and the bottom will be relegated.

If you have any questions please contact Gavin or Rob.

New Joiners

The next round will on 1st February 2014, which will be the next opportunity to participate.  Each run will last 2 months and people can be added at the start of each run of 2 months.


Gavin Seymour:

Rob Cunningham:

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